Content Warnings for DEPOSING NATHAN

I recognize that some of these items may seem more trivial than others; however, my goal is to make this list as complete as possible. Absolutely feel free to let me know if you believe I forgot something.

  • Extreme profanity/offensive language (over a hundred total instances–including many uses of “f*ck,” one use of “c*nt,” several forms of “Jesus Christ,” and homphobic slurs–throughout. See this piece I wrote about the very intentional reasons for this).
  • Child abuse (physical, psychological, & emotional)
  • Underage drinking
  • Infrequent mentions of marijuana use
  • Physical Violence (stabbing & several beatings, including hate crimes)
  • Depiction of suicidal thoughts
  • Sexual content (mentions of sex acts, masturbation, & pornography. Several sex scenes implied & discussed; none graphically shown)
  • Mentions & depictions of anxiety attacks