Content Warnings for WORLD

This isn’t a story about characters experiencing trauma, but rather, about their journey to conquer it. I do not consider it a spoiler to say that they ultimately succeed. However, the trauma itself–and the challenges it presents–are depicted in gritty detail. In other words: this, much like Deposing Nathan, is a brutal book with an uplifting ending.

Here are the specific content categories to be aware of:

  • Sexual assault: as expected from the premise, a large focus of this book is surrounding sexual assault, including its long-term physical, emotional, and psychological effects. For reasons crucial to the story, the assault itself is depicted (via a moderately detailed journal entry).
  • Consistent profanity throughout (100+ total instances. No slurs).
  • Depictions of domestic abuse: present throughout (emotional, psychological, and one scene of physical)
  • Detailed depictions of PTSD
  • One mention of a suicide that took place years ago
  • Drinking and drug use among teens